About Us

We are committed to creating a beautiful,    fair-trade & sustainable planet. 

Fair Trade • Recyclable • Sustainable

Why we're unique

We have curated a range of products that are ethical and luxurious. And we bring those products to you at fair prices. 

How deep does your skin care go?

Our products reach these deeper layers and nourish your skin at a cellular level. Each layer is provided with exactly what it needs for natural, ageless beauty.

Our Story

Our story begins with an inspiration that became a dream. A dream that became a passion. A passion that became a vision. And a vision includes Luxurethic. 

Our Inspiration

Artisans who created traditional, beautiful handmade goods that bring joy.

Our Dream
Our dream was to share these beautiful, sustainable goods with the world.

Our Passion
This dream became a passion to create a way of doing business that was ethical, sustainable and profitable. Our artisans don't pay high subscription fees or unfair commissions. 

Our Vision
Is to create a world that is beautiful, joyful & sustainable.