About Us

Experience the purest most effective skin care...

We set out to develop not only the purest products, but ones that out-perform anything available today.

After 15 years of research, we are pleased to share our discoveries with you - a skin care range so pure and so effective, it seems miraculous, it's really science and nature working together.

Fair Trade • Vegetarian Society Approved • Made in England

Why we're unique

Skin care that sits on the surface of your skin does nothing!

The beauty of your skin lies in the deeper layers – the living layers where new skin cells are born, and collagen and elastin form a strong, firm foundation.

How deep does your skin care go?

Our products reach these deeper layers and nourish your skin at a cellular level. Each layer is provided with exactly what it needs for natural, ageless beauty.

Our Story

Our story begins with an inspiration that became a dream. A dream that became a passion. A passion that became a vision. And a vision that is now Organic Apoteke.

Our Inspiration
A grandmother who made traditional remedies that brought benefit and joy to many.

Our Dream
It became a young girls dream to share these benefits and joy.

Our Passion
This dream became a passion to research natural ingredients and the human body. To understand how both functioned.

Our Vision
Years of research led to a vision. A vision to create effective yet safe products that benefited not only the person using the product but all whom the product could touch: the small farmers growing the ingredients, the animals in the fields, the planet as a whole.

The vision to benefit all and “Do No Harm” has become our touchstone and informs every decision we make as a business. This vision is Organic Apoteke.