Decoding Your Results

The Lean Jan Detox Plan Quiz is based on ancient Ayurvedic, Chinese and Siddha Medical systems. These systems of medicine use typology to understand the current physiology (workings) of your body. Diet, lifestyle, natural remedies and physical therapies are then be used to harmonize the body bringing about a state of balance or homeostasis.

Depending on whether your answers came from box A, B or C, your current physiological body state is assessed. This information is used to personalize your Lean Jan Detox Plan so you may achieve complete mind-body wellbeing speedily and effectively.

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If your responses were Type A

 This suggests that your most active element (dosha) at present is Vata.

 Vata people generally have a light and creative disposition, with high levels of enthusiasm. Such individuals are also likely to be more active but may be easily distracted or forgetful.

Vata are likely to be of a slenderer build, with small, but sharp eyes. They prefer warmer and sunnier climates and they are more prone to circulatory disorders.

 An imbalance in Vata constitution will increase vulnerability to specific types of health conditions like anxiety, sleep disorders, arthritis, and joint disease.

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If your responses were  Type B

 This suggests that your most active element (dosha) at present is Pita.

 Pitta individuals tend to have greater mental clarity, focus, and the ability to retain information. They are also highly competitive and enjoy outdoor activities.

 Physically, pitta type individuals tend to be of average stature, but have a more muscular build. They are also likely to have medium sized eyes with a more penetrating gaze.

 Balancing pitta levels is vital for your wellbeing as pitta individuals are vulnerable to intense bouts of anger, especially when hungry, and they are also more likely to have physical ailments from stress. Imbalanced pitta increases susceptibility to inflammatory conditions like gastritis, peptic or intestinal ulcers, as well as inflammatory skin conditions like eczema.

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If your responses were Type C

 Suggests that your most active element (dosha) at present is Kapha.

 Kapha type individuals are usually calm and composed, with great potential for multi-tasking. They are usually more disciplined and often have higher levels of empathy and patience. They have a natural proclivity for routine and order.

Physically, kapha individuals are more likely to be well built, with large attractive eyes. They will have smooth skin, a clear complexion, and beautiful lips.

Unfortunately, kapha types are vulnerable to overeating and sedentary patterns, as well as oversleeping. This can make it quite a struggle to maintain healthy bodyweight and stay in shape.

Failing to balance kapha levels can exacerbate unhealthy behaviors, increasing the risk for depression and metabolic syndrome disorders like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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Often, We Can Have 2 Columns Equally Selected


If your responses were Type AB = Vata–Pitta

 Vata-pitta combination type individuals have both Vata and pitta dosha in a closely matching strength. Individuals of this type require a combined approach to manage their wellbeing. They are generally creative but can also be impulsive and conflicted within. As a result, they often put themselves under excessive pressure, which can lead to disappointment and burnout.

Physically, Vata-Pitta type individuals have a medium stature and are usually quite agile. Their dosha combination can create some specific health concerns as the quality of Vata for movement can exacerbate or accentuate the qualities of pitta. This makes individuals more vulnerable to digestive disorders at varying ends of the spectrum, from constipation to diarrhea, indigestion and heartburn to inflammatory disorders and peptic ulcers. They are also more likely to be afflicted with aches and pains, sleep disorders, emotional outbursts, skin irritation, and other inflammatory conditions.  A Vata-Pitta Balancing routine is therefore vital to maintaining good health and wellbeing.

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If your responses were Type AC = Kapha-Vata

The kapha-Vata combination type is perhaps the most interesting because the two predominant doshas are of opposite natures. While kapha gives rise to a desire for stability, order, and routine, Vata triggers more creative pursuits and a more enthusiastic and chaotic approach to life. This strange combination can give rise to serious internal conflicts, leading to plenty of frustration at times.

 It is important to keep this physiological type in balance to maintain mental and physically health.

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If your responses were Type BC = Pitta-Kapha

Pitta-Kapha type individuals have both pitta and kapha doshas in equal strength. These individuals have strong willpower and are more focused, with a clear goal-oriented nature. At the same time, they tend to be balanced with a somewhat relaxed nature.

 Physically, pitta-kapha type individuals have a rather muscular and or robust frame.  They enjoy relatively good health if they keep their doshas in balance. In balanced individuals, the fiery energy of pitta is kept grounded and balanced by kapha. This means that individuals in this dosha type are less likely to experience digestive health problems early in life, as they have the perfect strength of digestive fire. Unfortunately, many tend to take this for granted and begin to overeat and under-exercise. They therefore develop problems with obesity as they age.

 Pitta-kapha types although generally healthy, may be vulnerable to skin diseases and body odor due to heavy perspiration.

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If your responses were Type ABC = Vata–Pitta–Kapha 

 Although quite rare, some individuals have all 3 doshas in more or less equal strengths. This is called Sama Dosha, Tridoshic or Vata-Pitta-Kapha type individuals. With this naturally balanced physical structure they are more likely to find a harmonious balance in life and can be meditative, fit, healthy, and emotionally stable.

 This balance characterizes almost every aspect of life. Tridoshic individuals tend to be of a medium build with a strong skeletal frame. They have a pleasant disposition, yet they also have sharp minds that can still find inner mental peace.

However, problems arise is when these individuals go against their basic nature to please others – this throws them out of balance.

 Every dosha type has its unique advantages and risk - the purpose is to include diet, lifestyle and health measures that maintain a balance.

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